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Anthologies on typewriter-related themes.  All text in the series is typewritten.

Cold Hard Type I
Paradigm Shifts: Typewritten Tales of Digital Collapse

Digital technology is breaking down—and typewriters are back. Join storytellers, poets, and artists as they explore the collapse and its aftermath.

 Contributors include Linda M. Au, Wendell Berry, David G. Brechbiel, Valentine J. Brkich, Catalina Cariaga, Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, Frederic S. Durbin, Trinity Grau, Kristofferson Harris, Arkadiusz Hubczuk, Michael Kitchen, Steve Kuterescz, Jos Legrand, Bill Meissner, R. J. Montgomery, Vinny Negron, Robert Neuwirth, Erich J. Noack, Reine Nust, Carol Ochs, Christopher Ochs, Joey Patrickt, Cornelia Penner, Mark Petersen, Richard Polt, Aaron Schmidt, Nutthawut Siridejchai, Charles Sterrow, Istvan Takacs, Joe Van Cleave, Armando Warner, Matthew Weaver, and Brian Zimmerman.


Cold Hard Type II
Escapements: Typewritten Tales from Post-Digital Worlds

With no digital technology, the world can be a harsh place—and a surprising one. Whatever happens, our typewriters will be there to document it. Imagine the possibilities in this collection of stories, poems, and art.

 Contributors include Wendell Berry, Jenny Bristol, Rory Bristol, Ariana Davenport, Shelley K. Davenport, Jamie Davies, Frederic S. Durbin, Mathilda-Anne Florence, N. E. Glenn, Martyn V. Halm, Lori Hedges, John Howell, Scott Kernaghan, Shane L. Larson, Timothy Ley, L. A. Marler, Todd Mauldin, C. M. Mayo, Andrew V. McFeaters, Bill Meissner, Klaus Mielke, Eliezane Moon, Duane Morrison, John Munroe, Christopher Ochs, David W. Pedersen, Jim Pennington, Monica Quinn, Kim E Revay, Charly Roland, Andre Gene Samson, Philip L. Simpson, Maria Tolentino, Armando Warner, and Donald Winzer.

Cold Hard Type III
Backspaces: Typewritten Tales of Time Travel

If you could travel back in time, where--and when--would you go? What adventures would await you? Explore the possibilities in this unique collection of art, poetry, and typewritten stories in many genres.

Contributors include Dedé Assi, Brandon Bledsoe, Clara Chow, Shelley K. Davenport, E. R. Delafield, Frederic S. Durbin, Mathilda-Anne Florence, Daniel Gewertz, N. E. Glenn, Albert Goldbarth, Martyn V. Halm, Chad Harrison, Martha Lea, Ewan Matheson, Andrew V. McFeaters, Bill Meissner, Vincent Negron, Erich J. Noack, Charles W. Ogg, Joey Patrickt, Mark Petersen, Richard Polt, Hannah Ricke, Rachel Schnellinger-Bailey, Marni Scofidio, Philip L. Simpson, Denise Terriah, Armando Warner, and Matt Wixey.

For inquiries, contact:
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